Offering a world-class education and accommodating students
from Grades 000 to 10 in 2019 and ultimately to Grade 12 by 2021


Steyn City School, situated in the scenic and iconic Steyn City Parkland Residence in Johannesburg, offers an independent education to girls and boys from Grade 000 to Grade 9 (in 2018) and ultimately to Grade 12 by 2021.

If you know what it means to break the mould, set new standards, embrace change, and rejoice in creativity, then you belong with us!

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Which grades will the school cater for?

We will open an Early Years Centre (Grade 000 to Grade 00), Preparatory School (Grades R to 7) and College (Grades 8 and 9 in 2018).


When will the school open?

Our first day of school will be 17 January 2018, per our [2018 calendar].


What curriculum will be offered?

The school will be an independent school and will apply for membership of ISASA. The Preparatory School will follow the CAPS assessment standards, and the College will write the IEB Senior Certificate Examination.


How big will the school be?

The first phase of development will cater for up to approx. 550 pupils across the grades. Ultimately, though, further planned phases will take the school to a total capacity of approximately 1 200 pupils, from Grade R to Grade 12.


How many pupils will be in a class?

The following class sizes are specified -

  • Grade 000 and 00
    20 in a class
  • Preparatory Grades (Grades R to 7)
    25 in a class
  • College Grades (Grades 8 onwards)
    A maximum of 25 in a class.


What is the school's ethos/religious denomination?

The school will be non-denominational and culturally diverse and inclusive, but will follow the Christian faith and values.


Who will the principal be?

Steyn City School is proud to announce the appointment of Brian Mitchell as Headmaster.

Mitchell is one of South Africa's foremost educators, having spent 14 years teaching at Johannesburg schools, including stints as Deputy Head at St Martin's Prep and Principal at Redhill Prep. He later moved to Durban to take a post as Headmaster of Clifton School.

The experience gleaned here will be useful as he guides Steyn City School forward: "I am no stranger to working in new and developing schools. Clifton College was founded in 2002 and is now recognised as one of South Africa's leading independent schools, so I understand the exciting journey that awaits Steyn City School," Mitchell asserts.


What will the fees be?

Please see our [Schedule of Fees].


How many terms will there be?

We follow a three term calendar, substantially aligned with the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA) published three term calendar.


What are the fundraising expectations for parents?

The school project is fully funded and capitalised. There is no requirement to raise funds from the parent body for building or expansion of the school, and while there may be some general fund raising for social causes and our community partnership programme as part of the school's philosophy and approach to education, any contributions will be completely voluntary. It will not be school policy to raise funds for future capital expenditure or school running expenses.


What sports facilities and cultural programmes will be available?

The school will have substantial sports fields and facilities from inception, and will be engaging with specialised teams of experts to develop top rate sporting programmes, as well as world-class cultural programmes.


Are there any requirements for foreign students?

Foreign students are required to hold study permits. This applies to all foreign students, including Grade R pupils, pupils whose parents reside outside the country, and pupils whose parents reside within South Africa and are in the process of applying for permanent residence. Only pupils whose parents already have permanent residence status in South Africa are exempt.


When will enrolments open?

Applications officially opened in November 2016. In order to book a place at Steyn City School follow the admissions procedure on our website. For any enquires pertaining to enrolment contact us on: (t) 010 597 1250 or email:


Will there be an aftercare service available?

Yes, aftercare will be offered for pupils enrolled from Grade 000 - Grade 7. There will also be a pre-care service available from 07:00am


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Founders Day
11 April 2018

Our inaugural Steyn City School Inaugural Founders Day will be remembered for years to come as a landmark in the history of our lifestyle resort...

A Solid Foundation
31 May 2017

The way your child learns during their first five years sets them up for the rest of their lives...

Preparing for the Future
26 May 2017

During the preparatory school years, the child you drop off at class is not the same child who comes home each day.

Facilities Beyond Compare
24 May 2017

At a time when education is undergoing a critical revolution, Steyn City School is gearing to create an environment...

Appointment of Principal
February 2017

Steyn City Preparatory and College is proud to announce the appointment of Brian Mitchell as Principal ...

Media Release
September 2016

Although the South African private education sector is dominated by a number of well-known private brands which have gained credibility ...



April 2017

Steyn City is a community. This is a place where children, parents and educators work together to provide the very best environment for learning and development. It's a tripartite relationship, where the role of each bears equal weight.

Getting behind your child's education shows them that you take an active interest in their lives and is a physical demonstration of your support and care. Small wonder, then, that research has shown that children whose parents play a role in their school careers are not only likely to display better behaviour and attendance, but will also perform better and achieve more.

We communicate with parents through our regular newsletters, emails and texts, as well as the D6 School Communicator, a free app which reliably delivers time-sensitive information, and we encourage parents to communicate with us in return..

How you can get involved at home:

  • Chat with your children about their experiences of school, and help them set realistic goals for the classroom and the sports field.
  • Ask your children's teachers about strengths and weaknesses, and find out how you can harness these or improve upon them.
  • Support the school's community partnership drives.
  • Attend all meetings convened by the school.


April 2017

How do you teach children compassion and empathy? By showing them that there is a world out there where people live lives very different to our own, and that they may need our help.

Steyn City School has incorporated a community partnership programme so that our children have a chance to become involved members of society - important, because research shows that children who participate in such initiatives are more likely to become voters and engage with their communities in later years. We also believe that these programmes extend learning beyond the classroom, imparting life lessons and helping children gain insight and experience that simply cannot be acquired behind their desks. Apart from the sense of responsibility and pride that accompanies such an experience, working in these programmes also helps to develop problem-solving abilities.

We cannot forget that South Africa faces a number of challenges, and that each citizen is personally accountable for making a difference in our own sphere. In this, we take our cue from Steyn City Parkland Residence, which proudly supports learners at schools in neighbouring Diepsloot through its Delivering Happiness to Diepsloot campaign. We look forward to cultivating the same spirit of altruism and community care among our students.

Why your child benefits from taking part in outreach programmes:

  • Exposure to different environments stimulates their interest in the world around them, while interacting with people from different backgrounds gives them a greater social consciousness and builds social skills.
  • Volunteering helps them see that their actions have an impact on others.
  • Intellectual skills develop as children are exposed to brand new material and fresh ways of thinking.
  • Emotional development is facilitated because children are given a sense of responsibility, and this cultivates self-esteem.
  • Volunteering is one of the best ways to encourage children to adopt a service ethic.


General information

010 597 1250

c/o Douw Steyn Drive & Cedar Road
Riverside View
South Africa